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"Starving For More Xena Fanfiction?"

From the desk of: Xarah
Date: Friday, 09.40h

Dear Xenite

Gabrielle and Xena in front of the waterfall in Bitter SuiteWhen was the last time you visited ancient Gods, Warlords and Kings ... in a land in turmoil that cried out for new FanFiction ... ?

Because we have absolutely nothing good to read!

Bibliotheca, the Xena Fanfiction Archive is finally here!

We've all been waiting for Bibliotheca to re-open its portals.

Bibliotheca is open for

  • Xena Fanfiction lovers
  • Xena Fanfiction writers
  • English Xena Fanfiction
  • German Xena Fanfiction
  • Ueber Xena Fanfiction
  • Cross Over Xena Fanfiction
  • Xenerotica / Alt Xena Fanfiction
  • General and Classic Xena Fanfiction
  • Translations

This is a screen shot which is changing constantly because I keep adding new Xena Fanfiction stories.

Growing slowly but surely. And becoming the ultimate place to go when one wants to read a story with and about Xena, the Warrior Princess.

We have subscribers from all over the world!

USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, France, Peru, Portugal, Irland, Finland. And added in
January: Dominican Republic, France, Scotland,
February: Russia, USA, Italy, Canada, Prag, Spain, France,
March: Uganda, Slovak Republic, USA, Uganda, Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Scotland, Austria, Belgium, Peru, Portugal
April: Germany, Russia, USA, Mexico, UK, Brazil, Australia, Philippines, Bahamas, Denmark, France, Austria
May: Germany, USA, Canada, England, Indonesia, Sweden, Austria, Canada, Liechtenstein
June: Germany, Canada, Philippines, USA, Czech Republic, UK
July: USA, Germany, Polen, France, Mexico, Argentina

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Battle ON!

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